Countdown To Departure

No turning back now – we just booked our tickets from the US to England! We picked a departure date of Wednesday the 15th of May, giving us plenty of time to get ready, sell our stuff, and visit friends and family.

We’ll be departing from Raleigh/Durham International (RDU) on a Canadair CRJ-700, laying over in New York for about 5 hours, then continuing on to London Heathrow (LHR) in a Airbus A330. For those interested in trip’s duration:

  • Flight Duration: 8hr 45min
  • Layover Time: 4hr 50min
  • Total Trip Time: 13hr 35m

The longest leg of our flight will be about 7 hours, during which we’ll be able to get some sleep. After the plane wakes up and then attendants serve breakfast, we’ll be landing at 10:30 am local time in London. Talk about a great way to start the day!

For those of you on the East Coast of the US, local time in London is 5 hours ahead of your local time. From the West Coast of the US, it’s 8 hours ahead. Staying in touch by phone may be a little difficult until we get the hang of it.

Next up: booking a hostel in London.

3 thoughts on “Countdown To Departure”

  1. yeah so Jesse sucks at math. If your mom calls you at 8:00am her time, it would be 1:00pm in London 🙂

    I believe you meant to say that if your mom calls you at 8:00PM
    then it would be 1:00 AM your time 🙂

    Also – Jesse I won’t even get into how you managed to take 8:00pm and add 5 hours and get anything past 1:00am (ie 3:00am) 🙂

    1. See, this is what happens when I blog before drinking my morning coffee. *pours a cup* I’ll update the post with the correct info.

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