Preparing for Something Other Than Ordinary

We spent the better part of this weekend packing and preparing for departure – both from this apartment and from life as we know it. One of the great things about moving is that you have the chance to look at every item you own and ask yourself “Will I want this after not having seen it for a few months and then trekking it 3,000 miles across the country?” There are a few things that I can’t seem to part with, even though they are not as utilitarian and useful as others.

Books are one type of thing I can’t seem to part with. Even as I type this post on an iPad and spent a small chunk of time loading e-books onto it last night, I still can’t ignore or escape the draw of a real, tangible book. It’s a bit like a romance – a good book looks, feels and smells like wonder on the outside, while the inside is still full of mystery and intrigue. This is why we packed up more boxes of books than of any other type of belonging, and sent those up to my in-laws’ home in our first carload of items.

Photo albums and scrapbooks are other types of things that I will always keep, especially the ones that were lovingly crafted for us. These offer delightful glimpses into our past that we hope to share with our friends as well as our current and future family.

Aside from those things, we are both pretty simple. I have a bit harder of a time getting rid of stuff than Jesse, but it has been very eye opening to consider what is truly important as we prepare to live out of one backpack each in Europe. 10 different tshirts for sleeping in or getting dirty? Not really important. That shirt with a hole in it from years of good use? Time to let it live another life. Any of the furniture? I feel only relief and joy to see them put to good use elsewhere.

When I envision our home in the future, I see one with plenty of well-designed storage for the things that matter most – but not *too* much. I don’t want to have a home so large that it feels empty if I don’t fill it with more stuff. I don’t think we will have that problem in Seattle with the way home prices are there (haha), but I know that I want everything in my life to have an intention and purpose.

A lovely friend in Myrtle Beach sent me a link to this video yesterday that I would like to share as well. The video is of Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls, among other ventures) sharing her experiences of being a performer and musician and how incredible it is to give and receive with others to create some amazingly personal connections. When I was watching and listening to this video, I couldn’t help but become even more excited for our upcoming adventure. This is what makes it all worthwhile. Connecting with people in ways that are anything but ordinary.

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