Viva l’Italia

Perugia is beautiful. It’s everything you’d expect from a small Italian town – everything is stone, the buildings climb 5+ stories on both sides of the narrow streets, the food smells amazing, and the sun is shining. That’s right, sun! Hear that London? There is a SUN!

The flight over was uneventful in a good way. We flew from London Stansted to Perugia, Italy via RyanAir. Telling our London host (or anyone else) that we had chosen that airline produced many eye rolls. Based on their reviews, I can see why. Skytrax gives them a, “2 Star rating – indicat[ing] a poor Product standard and/or poor and inconsistent standards of Staff Service.” The worst part of our trip was the plane leaving ~15 minutes late, which if you are a frequent traveler, is no big deal at all. Perhaps we were lucky, but as I like to say, lucky is the only way.

We took a shuttle from the airport to downtown. Let me tell you… the countryside is stunning. It’s like a postcard in every direction. As we approached the city, the bus started climbing the hills leading to the city’s center revealing a breathing view of the surrounding land. Mountains ascended in the distance, and small cottages dotted the landscape sporadically amid cultivated farm land. I look forward to sitting back with a glass of wine and just taking in the scenery.

After debusing getting off the bus we walked through the center of downtown for a few minutes to get our bearings. Two things were immediately obvious: 1, we speak zero Italian, and 2, most Italians (and other tourists) speak quite acceptable English. Chalk one up for Rick Steves. No worries though, as our host family speaks perfect English. For now, we’ll be saying this a lot, “Mi scusi. Mi dispiace, non parlo italiano. Parli inglese?“.

And now, food. Arrivederci!

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  1. can’t wait to see photo’s. I bet it is beautiful and sounds as if you two are having a great time. Grand pups are doing great – fat and sassy like grandma. Yoda is so sweet. So tomorrow you go to the garden to work your four hours. Let us know how that goes. Enjoy every minute.

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