The Crazy Weather in Tuscany

We woke this morning around 7:30 am to bright sunshine and a gentle breeze. It was chilly out, especially in the shade, but the sun made up for it. It’s now 12:30 pm, and in that span of time we’ve experienced clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, and hail (for the third time this week!). It’s now overcast with light rain and a gentle breeze. The locals are telling me that this is the coldest weather in 200 years. Not exactly what comes to mind when you think of central Italy in late May.

2 thoughts on “The Crazy Weather in Tuscany”

  1. that is crazy weather. We are having weather in the 80’s and no rain this week. Too hot for me and the pups. We are ready for a/c after a walk down the road and back. Send more photo’s

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