Travel Tip: Packing Less Stuff

This is a simple one: pack less stuff.

Seriously. Less, less, less.

Follow these steps to pack less:

  1. Put everything you plan to bring on your journey in a neat, sorted pile.
  2. Pack your bag. (Wait… you are using one bag, right? Right?!)
  3. Pickup your bag, strapping it on in the way you plan to carry the most often.
  4. Walk around for 15 minutes without sitting down. Do not avoid hills. Make sure to climb some stairs too, both up and down.
  5. Put down your bag.
  6. Take a shower because you are sweating like a pig.
  7. Unpack your bag, returning everything to the neat, sorted pile that it started in.
  8. Remove 40% of the items from this pile.

No matter how lightly you think you are packing, you need to pack even less stuff. Take shirts: did you know that they sell them all over the planet? Well, they do and if you pack 3 fewer than you want, you are (1) carrying less stuff and (2) leaving room for your collection to grow as your travel. Do the same with pants, shorts, hats, etc. Everything that you do not need is a good candidate for what to leave behind.

It’s also worth nothing that by need I mean something that you’ll need daily. What is the likelihood that you’ll run into rain during your trip? Check the web and unless you are visiting during the monsoon season, leave your umbrella at home. You can always buy one if you need it later. The same thinking applies to spare shoes, fancier clothing (why dress up on vacation?!), books (you can leave finished books behind as your travel and buy or borrow new ones), electronics (don’t even get me started on this one, as we are both techy people). Everything feels like a need, but trust me, it’s not.

Fail to follow this advice and your shoulders, back, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet will remind you with Every. Single. Step.

Less (stuff) is more (fun).

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