Getting Sick While Traveling – “What Time… No, What Day Is It?”

Sorry for the radio silence recently, Angela and I have both been sick with traveler’s diarrhea issues for the last several days. Just for kicks, Angela picked up a sinus bug that I had a week or so ago that hit her harder than it hit me. Actually, both illnesses have hit her harder than me, and judging by how I felt, I am sure she feels like dirt.

Being sick while on vacation is bad no matter how you look at it. You are wasting a day or days that you worked hard to save and plan for, you are in a hostel/hotel/guest house, you don’t have any friends around to cheer you up, and you have nothing to do but sit and wait. It’s not fun. I do not recommend it.

You also lose track of time, or at least we did. We are now in Bangkok, Thailand at the Wendy House guest house. It’s located downtown near the “center” of the city. Actually, Bangkok has no real center, but Siam station is within walking distance and that’s about the closest thing I’ve seen to a city center thus far. Anyway, our room doesn’t have an outside-facing window, we don’t watch TV, and the hallway light is always at a constant brightness (not bad at all, just doesn’t change). All of this combined with us being sick meant that it’s very easy to forget what time, or even what day it was. You can wake up at 6 (am? pm?), stay up for 3 hours, go back to bed, wake up at 2 (am? pm?), shower, read, sleep again, etc. Without looking at the date & time on my laptop, I would have no idea that it’s Tuesday, June 25th at 9:06:48 am.

The good news is that both Angela and I are getting over being sick. I am eating plain toast this morning (I’m on my 7th slice) and drinking rehydration drinks back to back. According to a scale at the guest house, I lost 5 pounds in 2 days from being sick and not eating. Fun.

I am heading back for an 8th piece of toast and to pack my bags – we need to move to a cheaper place to stay now that we know how to get around Bangkok using public transportation. Wish us luck!

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  1. Very Sorry You Both Are Sick! How Draining That Can Be. I Have A New Eye For Looking At Health, After Takling Care of A Sweet 90 Yr. Old Wise Woman With Dementia, Macular Degeneration & Part Deaf, Life Is Full Of Teaching Humble, Beauty, Grace, God Bless You All With Complete Healing, Strength, Peace With All Peoples.Love Ya A&J

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