Note: We wrote this page back in 2013 just before we left for our trip. We are no longer in such dire circumstances however I thought I’d leave this up anyway for future reference and reminiscence.

We debated adding a donations page to our blog. We worked for about a year to pay off our debts and save up for this trip. We ate home cooked meals, packed bag lunches, traded our newer SUV for a paid for used car, and basically quit wasting money in every area that was not critical to our health and well-being. The payoff has been extraordinary – we are almost debt free, and we are getting ready to leave on a 2-3 month (or longer?) backpacking journey across Europe.


And just as we are getting ready to pull the trigger, I broke my ankle. Uncharacteristic for the area, one morning in February I slipped on ice while walking to my car on the way to work. The fall crushed my left fibula and fractured the tibia. The break was bad enough to need surgery and fixation, which is a fancy term for a titanium plate and screws. At the time of this writing, I am 6 weeks post-op and I am just now starting to walk normally.

The difference between the top and bottom x-ray is just a hair over $25,000. Thanks to insurance, I am not responsible for the lion’s share of that amount, however the hit to our finances has been significant. The cost of our airfare to Europe, one of the trip’s large expenses, was around ⅓ of my cost of the injury. Talk about your bad timing, right?

I am sure that it’s no surprise to anyone that traveling is expensive! But it is so very, very worth it. We will stretch each one of our dollars to the breaking point in pursuit of one more day abroad. We plan to get the most out of each day and each dollar.

With all that in mind, if you can spare a few dollars, by all means click the button below.

We will spend every penny enjoying this great trip, and we’ll be sure to send a postcard from whatever corner of the world we are in when we get word of your generous gift. Thank you very much in advance.

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